Friday, October 1, 2010

Three Days to Go

Happy Thursday! Just three days to go!

WOW! It's Thursday already and things are looking great for the weekend and our BOPC-GMC show at Marge's Garden Restaurant at NOON on Sunday! We got the rain out of the sky (and into the leaky roofs!), the calls are really starting to come in from folks wanting to pre-register, and all our ducks are lining up.

Here's tonight's great news;

I am really happy to report that Miss Jackie has come through with her promise to get Soupy better. It may have cost her an ankle, but she got the job done! Welcome back Soupy! And to show just how "back" he is, Soupy has gotten all of his jobs done, including setting up the software program for the voting, which was an amazing thing. He is truly the 1978 TransAm Bandit Edition of computer gurus! At this point I should be thanking him, but there is so much more! He's put together the Registration flier, the Windshield Cards, the Judging Forms, Voting Tabulation Spreadsheet AND the Award Winner Spreadsheet! I just hope he has time to wash the T/A's and get Miss Limp-Along to the party on time. NOW I can say it; Thank You!

Paul 'No Smooch For You Either' Mack has taken the initiative and gotten us some Smoke Signal magazines from POCI and made copies of applications for POCI for us to use at the show. These will help out Debbie when people see how much fun we have and want to join our merry gang. Thank you, Paul!

I understand Ray (the guy The Beautiful Miss Caitlin lets drive her 'Bird) has gotten us some fine raffle prizes, and Debbie tells me she's bringing some baked goods for the bake sale. Nancy will be making lots of stuff that I pray someone ELSE buys, since if left alone I think I could find a home for all of the things she bakes! She's promised me/us Cup Cakes, Brownies with Walnuts and Raisins, Chocolate Chip cookies with surprise goodies in them and maybe another surprise or two. The club could get rich just on our bake sale! (And Tom could get even fatter!)

Ed, Johnnie and I are going to be bringing some used car parts for the swap meet area. I have no idea how big that will be but my plan is to lay out a blue tarp and just pile stuff on it. These things aren't just Pontiac parts. They can and will be most anything automotive. I have 3 Rambler hubcaps and some old tools I am donating to the cause. (Note to Ed and Soupy: NO ex wives please.)

GREAT NEWS TONIGHT! Letisha will be joining us and helping any way she can. I hope that means telling me to stop buying baked goods!

Tomorrow the trophies will be delivered to Johnnie, and I will be picking up the "CAR SHOW TODAY" signs and the yellow tee shirts. The reason we don't have any polo shirts is because I wasn't clear on how we left things with regards to the logo. At the last meeting we discussed changing it, but I didn't get any suggestions or other designs. Maybe we will get shirts for Turkey Run. That will be another day.

There will be one more of these E-mail's before the show, and tomorrow night (Friday) I will be at Tower Shops to recruit and to spread the happiness! I will park in the usual place so come one and all to see me and help out. I will be handing out fliers as well as making announcements on Scott the Musicman's PA system. Bring earplugs.

I think I will have to start coming up with new titles for everyone (in lieu of pay). Let me know if you have any preferences.

Be sure to bring your cameras Sunday. I need more sexy pictures!

Topless Tom

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