Friday, July 23, 2010

Cruise In / Date Night

We are kicking off the rebirth of our club.

Join us Saturday July 31st at the Northridge Sports Lounge

Bring out your date and your BEST Pontiac, and help us do this the right way! We are taking over the newly redecorated (and under new management) Northridge Sports Lounge, located at 969 East Commercial Blvd, right in the North West corner of Commercial Blvd and Dixie Highway, tucked in under the overhang across from the Bally's Gym. The new owners, Joe, Mike and Angelique have redecorated their front room for a gang like us, with big sofas and easy chairs, THREE flat screen TV's that will be running our choice of car movies (your suggestions are needed!) and a third of their bar just dedicated to us.

The bar will be OPEN from 7-9!
So bring your Saturday night sweetie and lets have some fun! They have 2 pool tables located on the other side of the room that will be available to us, special drinks and great finger food. Of course, you are encouraged to bring your sweetest ride that night, and we'll have 10 parking spots out front and more around the side of the building all to ourselves. There is a Publix in the shopping center and they offer security in the well lit parking area all night. Since this is a "new" place their Saturday night crowd is a little thin, so I think we may have the place pretty much to ourselves all night!
Tom will have more information in following E-mails if this thing stays on, but I really need to have you let me know you're coming or not. Also, they will have a few DVD players hooked up to the flat screens for us, so we can run multiple movies all night! We were thinking that Smoky and the Bandit should be the first movie, not to watch so much as to have just running in the back ground while we get to visit with each other and get to making plans for the new club to really take off. After that, who knows? I have Vanishing Point, Thunder Road, the original Gone in Sixty Seconds and Used Cars, all really great period movies with lots of classic cars in them we can call out and laugh at!
I have some SURPRISE announcements to make, so you'll want to be there for the great news and big plans we have and would like to make!
Bring ideas! Bring your wife! Bring yourself! Leave the kids at home! You won't believe how much fun this is going to be!