Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Still On

For a quick update: Last week the owners of Margie's Garden Restaurant thought they really shouldn't put on a show, due to financial restraints. Silly me, I was used to Pines Pontiac wanting to pay for everything and just let us actually make money at a show. Why did we need money? The newsletter used to cost us lots, as did the other things we would buy with our name on it. Then there were all the odds and ends we don't do any more. So here's the new plan/thinking/philosophy:
1) The reason for a club sponsored car show is to show off members cars (our pride and joys!) to the world ! We polish them and fix them and pay lots of money to have them, so why not?
2) Other reasons for having a show include making our club known to attract more members; to have an excuse to all pull together for a single cause, helping to unify our friendships and associations; and to share the fun we've found in this hobby. There are a lot more reasons to have a car show, so we need to have one!
3) We are blessed with a bit of a "war chest", and can afford to sponsor a small show. This money isn't really slated for any particular use, and unlike a family financial plan, we don't really need to save for a rainy day. The money in the club is for our enjoyment purposes, not food, shelter, clothing or medicine. While spending it needs to be closely watched and carefully monitored, there really is no point having it just to watch a banker get rich on our interest.
So it's on! Now we need help with getting raffle prizes and help with the day of show stuff, like parking direction and general support. We also need your great cars, the stars of the show! Break out the polish and the vacuum cleaners, get the elbow grease going and plan on a great October 3!
More to follow

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